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Textbook Author Course Price Time Posted
Financial Accounting for Undergrads, 4th edition Wallace ACCT 211 $20 8 days ago No code comes with it.
Binghamton University Organic Chemistry Textbook for CHEM 231 CHEM 332 McGraw-Hill Education CHEM 231 $30 8 days ago 10th edition. This is a whole punched, loose leaf paper textbook in a binder. There is a bit of water wrinkling on the bottom right corner of the first 50 pages
Physics: Principles with Applications, 4th edition for SUNY Binghamton Douglas C. Giancoli, Randall D. Knight PHYS 122 $20 8 days ago Small amount of highlighting in a few of the chapters
Physics: Principles with Applications, 4th edition for SUNY Binghamton Douglas C. Giancoli, Randall D. Knight PHYS 121 $20 8 days ago Small amount of highlighting in a few chapters
How Development Projects Persist: Everyday Negotiations with Guatemalan NGO Erin Beck ANTH 363 $15 8 days ago
This View Of Life Completing The Darwinian Revolution David Sloan Wilson BIOL 105 $9 May 18 Hard cover book. Good condition. Small water mark on the back cover. Original price I payed was $12.47. LISTED ON EBAY.
World Architecture 2nd edition Ingersol ARTH 103 $80 May 18 Like new, barley used at all. LISTED ON EBAY.
HIST 103A (Books required for the class as of Spring 2020) Multiple HIST 103A $1 May 18 Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass By: Douglass $3.99 America’s Reconstruction by: Foner and Mahoney $12.70 The Declaration of Independence by: the founding fathers $8.99 Flush times and Fever Dreams by: Rothman $13.99 The trials of Philip Wheatley By: Gates $12.99 Changes in The Land By: Cronon $7.99 Exploring American Histories by Hewitt $64.99 ALL BOOKS ARE LISTED ON EBAY SO THEY CAN BE MAILED TO YOU. :)
Organic chemistry as a second language first semester Klein CHEM 231 $50 May 18 Like new, barley used.This book is listed on eBay so that it can be mailed to you.
Chinese Through Song 2th Edition Hong Zhang, Zu-Yan Chen MUS 280D $5 May 14 Acceptable quality with notes and marks taken - helpful for class participation.
Chemistry 5th Edition Gilbert,Kirss,Rolster,Bretz,Davies CHEM 107 $100 May 14 No Access Code Available, Good Quality, No marks, Need a Binder to organize it (lose pages)
CS 105 Custom Package Dennis Foreman CS 105 $220 May 5 Have the class notes book as well as the 3 workbooks for Word, Excel, and Access. In great shape, barely used.
LEARNING WITH LABVIEW 2009 PEARSON ISE 212 $30 April 13 New condition