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Textbook Author Course Price Time Posted
Programming in C (4th Edition) Stephen Kochan CS 211 $20 2 days ago
Fundamentals of Physics (10th Edition) Halliday And Resnick PHYS 132 $75 2 days ago
Calculus: Multivariable Calculus (8th Edition) James Stewart MATH 323 $65 2 days ago No subscriptions included
Calculus: Single Variable Calculus (8th Edition) James Stewart MATH 225 $50 2 days ago Doesn't include the WebAssign
The Visual Arts: A History (Revised 7th Edition) Hugh Honour ARTH 111 $35 2 days ago It's literally brand new
Cultural Anthropology: A Reader for a Global Age Kenneth J. Guest ANTH 166 $60 3 days ago
Imaginzez: Le Francais sans Frontieres 3rd edition Champeny FREN 211 $80 3 days ago
Lab Manual and Workbook for Physical Anthropology 8E Diane L France ANTH 168 $40 3 days ago
The Human Species: An Introduction to Biological Anthropology John H Relethford ANTH 168 $60 3 days ago
Stats: Data and Models 4th edition De Veaux, Velleman, Bock MATH 148 $75 January 7 Does not include stat lab but it is not necessary for the class
James Stewart Calculus James Stewart MATH 224 $5 January 1 PDF Version
Mountain Bike N/A HWS 221 $60 December 24, 2019 Looking to sell my mountain bike, comes with a bike lock
Integrated Chinese 4th Edition Yuehua Liu And Tao-chung Yao CHIN 101 $35 December 21, 2019 Used in good condition
Four Function Calculator N/A ACCT 211 $7 December 17, 2019
Introduction to Computing: CS 105 Dennis Foreman CS 105 $100 December 17, 2019 Four books required for the class plus a book of all the professors notes slides.
LEARNING WITH LABVIEW 2009 PEARSON ISE 212 $30 December 16, 2019 New condition
Calculus Eighth Edition Single Variable Calculus James Stewart MATH 226 $45 December 16, 2019 New
Computer Science 105 BUNDLE (ALL 5 BOOKS) Professor Foreman CS 105 $100 December 16, 2019 CS 105 Bundle, includes ALL 5 books in new condition.
This View Of Life Completing The Darwinian Revolution David Sloan Wilson BIOL 105 $7 December 10, 2019 Hard cover book. Good condition. Small water mark on the back cover. Original price I payed was $12.47.
World Architecture Ingersoll ARTH 103 $100 December 10, 2019 Original price I payed was $117.95 Good condition no stains or marks. Lightly used.
Biological Science Freeman BIOL 113 $70 November 30, 2019 Great condition, hardcover
General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 7th Edition H. Stephen Stoker CHEM 101 $120 September 25, 2019 Brand new looseleaf textbook already in binder.
Reliability Engineering Singiresu S. Rao ME 586X $150 September 17, 2019
Statistics 4th Edition David Freeman MATH 148 $30 September 14, 2019