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Textbook Author Course Price Time Posted
Probability and Statistics For Engineering And The Sciences Jay L. Devore ISE 362 $10 February 7
Probability and Statistics For Engineering And The Sciences Jay L. Devore ISE 261 $10 February 7
Introduction to Chemistry, SUNY - Binghamton, Chem 101 H. Stephen Stoker CHEM 101 $80 February 6 Price Negotiable
Multicultural Geographies of the United States Course Manual GEOG 103 $20 February 6 Not used
Calculus: Single Variable Calculus 8th edition James Stewart MATH 226 $65 February 3
Integrated Chinese 4 Yuehua Liu CHIN 204 $1 February 2 Good condition textbook. Some water stains on bottom right corner of each page but there’s no writing or highlighting in it. Make me an offer, Thank You!
Beloved Toni Morrison LACS 180 $10 January 30
As I Lay Dying William Faulkner LACS 180 $10 January 30 New.
Pedro Páramo Juan Rulfo LACS 180 $10 January 30 New.
Fun Home Alison Bechdel LACS 180 $8 January 30
Developing Cybersecurity Programs and Policies Omar Santos MIS 480G $20 January 28
Easy Writer (newest edition) Andrea A. Lunsford WRIT 111 $15 January 28 Barely used. Great condition.
Introduction to Macroeconomics Economics of Public and Macro Issues Kenny Christianson ECON 162 $45 January 28 They're basically brand new. Took the class last year, hardly opened the books so there's no writing in it :)
Marketing Casepack (Glenn Pitman) Glenn Pitman MKTG 324 $40 January 27
Race, Ethnicity, and Place in a Changing America (Third Edition) John Frazier, Eugene Tettey-Fio, Norah F. Henry GEOG 103 $35 January 24 This book is gently used.
Musical Theater An Appreciation (Second Edition) Alyson McLamore THEA 101 $80 January 24 This book is gently used.
A Little Night Music Hugh Wheeler THEA 101 $12 January 24 This book is gently used.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Burt Shevelove And Larry Gelbart THEA 101 $15 January 24 This book is gently used.
South Pacific The Complete Book and Lyrics of The Broadway Musical Oscar Hammerstein II And Joshua Logan THEA 101 $15 January 24 This book is gently used.
Easy Writer (6th Edition) Andrea A. Lunsford WRIT 111 $10 January 24 Good condition.
Easy Writer 7th edition Andrea A. Lunsford WRIT 111 $15 January 24 Brand new. Contact me if interested!
The Forgotten Kapital Jay L. Rubin HIST 104A $8 January 24 Book is in very good condition but includes highlighting throughout the text.
Folk and Fairy Tales Martin Hallet ENG 280 $10 January 24
Statistics 4th Edition David Freeman MATH 147 $20 January 24
Excellent Beauty Eric Dietrich PHIL 101 $20 January 24 Brand new
General Chemistry 11th edition Ebbing CHEM 108 $45 January 24 Loose leaf
Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Binghamton 3rd Edition) Randall D. Knight PHYS 131 $35 January 23 Price is negotiable
The Necessary Shakespeare (5th Edition) David Bevington ENG 245 $20 January 23 Good condition, some annotations
Microeconomics and Behavior (9e) Robert H. Frank ECON 360 $100 January 23 Great condition
ENVIRONMENTAL CASE 4th edition LAYZER PLSC 282A $26 January 23 Pdf
Principles of Microeconomics Third Edition N. Gregory Mankiw ECON 305 $25 January 23
Investigating the Social World 4th Edition Russel K. Schutt SCM 111 $20 January 23
General Chemistry 11th Edition (hardcover) Ebbing And Gammon CHEM 111 $20 January 23 I'll take cash, cashapp, venmo, quickpay, or however else you wanna pay me. Book is in great condition since I opened it a total of 0 times last semester.
Introduction to Macroeconomics 2nd edition Kenny Christianson ECON 162 $35 January 23 Also comes with "Economics of public and macro issues 2nd edition"
Basic Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences 7th Ed Gary W. Heiman PSYC 243 $50 January 22
Calculus: Single Variable Calculus (8th Edition) James Stewart MATH 224 $60 January 22 Like new, without webassign code, negotiable
World Architecture: A Cross- Cultural History 2nd Edition Richard Ingerson ARTH 103 $80 January 22
Calculus: Single Variable Calculus 8th Edition James Stewart MATH 224 $15 January 22
From Inquiry to Academic Writing (4th edition) Stuart Greene And April Lidinsky WRIT 111 $15 January 22 The condition of the book is not great which is why the price is lower. The pages do have a few annotations from previous owners but everything is there are legible.
Psychopathology CRAIGHEAD PSYC 223 $40 January 22
Statistics 4th Edition David Freeman MATH 147 $30 January 22
Iclicker 2 N/A CHEM 108 $35 January 22 Can be registered for any class, Chem, Bio, Psyc etc
Political Sociology: PowerAndParticipation in the ModernWorld/Fifth Edition Orum/Dale SOC 100 $50 January 22 Brand new with no use wear or tear. Venmo, Paypal or Cash Accepted.
World Architecture Richard Ingersoll ARTH 103A $85 January 22 Second Edition. Bought new in 2018 fall.
Escaping Salem Richard Godbeer HIST 103A $10 January 22
The Vanishing Hitchhiker Brunvand, Jan Harold ENG 205 $7 January 22
Binghamton Writes 17th edition Binghamton Students WRIT 111 $15 January 22
Psychology Developmental Foldout Quick Study PSYC 111 $5 January 22
Psychology: Themes and Variations 10th (Looseleaf w/ binder and all notes) Wayne Weiten PSYC 111 $65 January 22 Comes with binder and all my notes and study guides from fall PSYC 111 with Deak.
Visual Analytics with Tableau AND Python for Data Analysis Loth And McKinney CQS 311 $50 January 22 Books are LIKE NEW
Environmental Law and Policy: Nature, Law, and Society (5th Edition) Plater Abrams Graham, Heinzerling Wirth Hall ENVI 312 $75 January 22 Price Negotiable
Statistics 4th Edition David Freeman MATH 148 $20 January 22
Financial Calculator BA II BA II FIN 311 $25 January 22
Introduction to Logic 14th Edition IrvingM. Copi, Carl Cohen,Kenneth McMahon PHIL 121 $20 January 22 Very good condition, no markings.
Business Law 5th Edition James F.Morgan BLS 111 $30 January 22 LOOSE LEAF, binder’s included in price. Excellent condition overall
From Inquiry to Academic Writing- A Practical Guide (4th) Greene And Lidinsky WRIT 111 $35 January 21
A Different Kind of War Story Carolyn Nordstrom HDEV 351 $18 January 21 I purchased this books new from Amazon last semester. It is in good condition. Also available are "Shame" and "tales of the Tikong" which I also used in that class.
Physics: Prin. w/ Applications bundle Giancoli PHYS 122 $175 January 21 Includes Textbook and 2 student study guides
Doughnut Economics Kate Raworth HDEV 346 $10 January 21 I purchased it new from Amazon so the only wear and tear is from one semester of carrying it in a backpack. It'll get the job done.
Chemistry (fifth edition) and ChemConnections Gilbert, Kirss, Foster, Bretz, Davies CHEM 108 $100 January 21 Includes a binder for the textbook
ChemConnections Activity Workbook Sharon Anthony CHEM 107 $5 January 21
World Politics Frieden PLSC 117 $5 January 21
Latin Picture Dictionary James Chochola LAT 101 $5 January 21
By Roman Hands Matthew Hartnett LAT 101 $5 January 21
Political Sociology Anthony Orum SOC 100 $5 January 21
Half Slave and Half Free Bruce Levine HIST 103A $5 January 21
From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology Gerth And Mills SOC 100 $5 January 21
The Fire Next Time James Baldwin SOC 100 $5 January 21
Psychology in Modules (Twelfth Edition - Includes Access Code) D. G. Meyers, C. N. DeWall PSYC 111 $60 January 21 ACCESS CODE INCLUDED and half price of new book! Loose pages in a binder, good condition (very few hole punches ripped from being in the binder), required for homework, used in Professor Merriwether's class
Chemistry Fifth Edition and Chem Connections Workbook Gilbert, Kirss, Foster, Bretz, Davies CHEM 108 $100 January 21 Shrink wrap is still intact, perfect condition.
Fourth Edition World Prehistory and Archaeology Michael Chazan ANTH 111 $35 January 21 This book is the condition I bought it in and perfectly intact.
Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World (Fifth Edition) L. Rowntree, M. Lewis, M. Price, W. Wyckoff GEOG 151 $25 January 21 Paperback in great condition, required textbook for homework, used in Professor Reisinger's class
Dragons and Tigers: A geography of South, East, and Southeast Asia, 3rd Barbara A. Weightman GEOG 259 $50 January 21
From Inquiry to Academic Writing - A Practical Guide - (4th Edition) Stuart Greene, April Lidinsky WRIT 111 $30 January 21 This is the practical guide, so it doesn't have the research articles in the back. It worked well for my WRIT 111 class though. It is underlined, so I'm willing to negotiate.
Intro to Macroeconomics (2nd ed.) Kenny Christianson ECON 162 $70 January 21 (price negotiable)
I Buy Textbooks Sullivan CLAS 215 $100 January 21 I buy all sorts of textbooks that have no rips or stains or major highlighting. Send me a picture of the barcode of each book and I can give you a quote on what I am willing to pay for it. Happy Spring Semester!!
Binghamton Writes 16th Edition Curriculum Solutions WRIT 111 $10 January 21
Silent Ears, Silent Heart Deaf Under LING 229 $5 January 21
From Inquiry to/ Easy write bundle Mac Higher WRIT 111 $50 January 21 Willing to sell them separately
Deaf Culture with Access Plural Pub LING 228 $20 January 21
Binghamton Writes 17th Edition Binghamton Students WRIT 111 $15 January 20 Some highlighting and annotations, overall in good condition.
Programming in C (4th Edition) Stephen Kochan CS 211 $20 January 16
Fundamentals of Physics (10th Edition) Halliday And Resnick PHYS 132 $60 January 16
Calculus: Single Variable Calculus (8th Edition) James Stewart MATH 225 $50 January 16 Doesn't include the WebAssign
Cultural Anthropology: A Reader for a Global Age Kenneth J. Guest ANTH 166 $60 January 16
Imaginzez: Le Francais sans Frontieres 3rd edition Champeny FREN 211 $80 January 15
The Human Species: An Introduction to Biological Anthropology John H Relethford ANTH 168 $60 January 15
Stats: Data and Models 4th edition De Veaux, Velleman, Bock MATH 148 $75 January 7 Does not include stat lab but it is not necessary for the class
James Stewart Calculus James Stewart MATH 224 $5 January 1 PDF Version
Mountain Bike N/A HWS 221 $60 December 24, 2019 Looking to sell my mountain bike, comes with a bike lock
Integrated Chinese 4th Edition Yuehua Liu And Tao-chung Yao CHIN 101 $30 December 21, 2019 Used in good condition
Four Function Calculator N/A ACCT 211 $7 December 17, 2019
Introduction to Computing: CS 105 Dennis Foreman CS 105 $100 December 17, 2019 Four books required for the class plus a book of all the professors notes slides.
LEARNING WITH LABVIEW 2009 PEARSON ISE 212 $30 December 16, 2019 New condition
Calculus Eighth Edition Single Variable Calculus James Stewart MATH 226 $45 December 16, 2019 New
This View Of Life Completing The Darwinian Revolution David Sloan Wilson BIOL 105 $7 December 10, 2019 Hard cover book. Good condition. Small water mark on the back cover. Original price I payed was $12.47.
World Architecture Ingersoll ARTH 103 $100 December 10, 2019 Original price I payed was $117.95 Good condition no stains or marks. Lightly used.
Biological Science Freeman BIOL 113 $70 November 30, 2019 Great condition, hardcover
General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 7th Edition H. Stephen Stoker CHEM 101 $100 September 25, 2019 Brand new looseleaf textbook already in binder.
Reliability Engineering Singiresu S. Rao ME 586X $150 September 17, 2019
Statistics 4th Edition David Freeman MATH 148 $30 September 14, 2019