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Textbook Author Course Price Time Posted
Evolution for Everyone David Sloan Wilson BIOL 105 $8 9 hours ago
Biological Science (Binghamton University Custom Edition) Freeman, Quillin, Allison BIOL 113 $65 11 hours ago
Lab Apron and Safety Goggles Binghamton University Bookstore CHEM 101 $25 11 hours ago Barely Used
The Flivver King Upton Sinclair HIST 104A $12 11 hours ago New
A People's History of the United States Howard Zinn HIST 104A $11 11 hours ago Lightly Used
Coming of Age in Mississippi Anne Moody HIST 104A $5 11 hours ago New
The Unfinished Nation 8th Edition Alan Brinkley HIST 104A $50 11 hours ago Lightly used
General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 7th Edition Stephen H. Stoker CHEM 101 $115 11 hours ago Lightly used
Toxic Loopholes 10th Edition Craig Collins ENVI 239 $35 11 hours ago Like New
Caleb Williams (Oxford World's Classics) William Godwin ENG 228 $10 4 days ago Like new condition. Not written in. ISBN # 9780199232062
Robinson Crusoe (Oxford's World's Classics Edition) Daniel Defoe ENG 228 $5 4 days ago ISBN #9780199553976 Like New condition. No writing in book.
Hard Times (Oxford World's Classics edition) Charles Dickens ENG 228 $5 4 days ago Like new condition. Not written in. ISBN #9780199536276
Frankenstein (Second Norton Critical Edition) Mary Shelley ENG 228 $10 4 days ago ISBN #: 9780393927931 Like New Quality. No writing or highlighting.
Physics for Scientists and Engineers (3rd Edition) Randall D. Knight PHYS 131 $100 4 days ago $100 or best offer Used for PHYS 131 and 132
Imaginez, Le Français Sans Frontières 3rd edition VHL (editor) FREN 211 $100 4 days ago No access code. Loose textbook with binder provided.
Inventing Western Civilization Thomas Patterson ANTH 125 $10 4 days ago
Advanced Accounting 4e Susan S. Hamlen ACCT 555 $70 6 days ago Book is in excellent condition.
Business Ethics (Case Studies and Selected Readings) Marianne M. Jennings MGMT 530 $30 7 days ago Book is in good condition. Price is negotiable
Modern East Asia A Brief History (Second Edition) Conrad Schirokauer, Donald N. Clark HIST 106 $65 December 1
The Mindful Diet Ruth Q Wolever, Beth Reardon HWS 200 $10 November 28
Economics Of Public and Macro Issues Second Custom Edition Roger Leroy Miller ECON 162 $25 September 26
Reading the World Ideas That Matter Third Edition Michael Austin WRIT 110 $20 September 26 Has wet damage on the corner of the book but still readable.
Dragons and Tigers: A Geography of South,East and South East Asia, 3rd Edit Wiley Custom AAAS 259 $26 September 26 Minimal underlining.
Introduction to Macroeconomics Second Edition Kenny Christianson ECON 162 $25 September 26 BOOK HAS MINIMAL HIGHLIGHTING.
Easy Writer Sixth Edition Andrea A. Lunsford WRIT 111 $15 September 26
Single Variable Calculus (7th Edition) James Stewart MATH 224 $20 September 24 Used textbook in good condition
Molecular Model Kit Klein CHEM 231 $7 September 19
A Social History of American Technology 2nd Edition Ruth Schwartz Cowan HIST 238 $20 September 13 Used. In good condition. Some pages have highlight on them.
Political Sociology: Power and Participation in the Modern World 5th Editio Anthony M. Orum And John G. Dale SOC 111 $35 September 13 In great condition. Barely used
The Souls of Black Folk W.E.B Du Bois SOC 111 $5 September 13 Great condition, almost brand new
Physics 4th edition custom for Binghamton Giancoli PHYS 121 $120 September 13
Student Study Guide with Selected Solutions Vol 2 Giancoli PHYS 122 $30 September 12
Student Study Guide with Selected Solutions Vol 1 Giancoli PHYS 121 $25 September 12
PHYSICS (4th ed. custom for Binghamton) Pearson PHYS 121 $145 September 12
Motifs (6th ed.) Kimberly Jansma/Margaret Ann Kassen (Cengage) FREN 115 $55 September 12
Imaginez Français sans Frontières (3rd ed.) Vista Higher Learning FREN 211 $55 September 12 BOOK ONLY