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Textbook Author Course Price Time Posted
Food Fundamentals 10th edition Margaret McWilliams BIOL 144 $15 5 days ago
Understanding Art Lois Fichner Rathus ARTS 130 $40 5 days ago You can text me about purchasing this book 760-2707867
Principles of Economics N. Gregory Mankiw ECON 230 $15 5 days ago You can text me about this book 760-2707867
Concepts of Chemical Dependency Harold Doweiko HWS 340 $25 July 9
Physics for Scientists and Engineers Fourth Custom Edition for Binghamton Randall Knight PHYS 131 $80 July 1 Price is up for negotiation. Book is in near mint condition and was only ever opened for the online code.
Cap, Gown and Stole. Graduation BIOL 380A $45 June 21 Tassel not included, fits 5’4-6ft. Priority shipping included. I was shocked with how much a new cap and gown was when preparing for graduation. Great deal for that special one inevitable day. Originally $100, Harpur college
From Inquiry to Academic Writing 4th Edition, Binghamton Writes, Easy Write Stuart Greene WRIT 111 $40 June 5 BUNDLE
Statistics 4th Edition Freedman MATH 147 $65 June 4
Popular Music In America 5th Edition Michael Campbell MUS 115 $50 June 1 Great condition loose leaf textbook. Binder included. Asking $50 or best offer.
Physics: Principles with Applications (Fourth Custom Edition) Douglas G. Giancoli PHYS 121 $85 May 29 Bundle includes one textbook (4th Ed) and two student study guide books (7th Ed, Vol 1
Sensation and Perception, 10th edition Goldstein PSYC 351 $45 May 24
The Economics of Earnings (only edition) Solomon W. Polachek And W. Stanley Siebert ECON 443 $40 May 23 1993 (Cambridge University Press) Professor uses this book heavily throughout course and material inside is used on tests, considering he published the book and research.
Mastering Astronomy With Pearson eText for the Cosmic Perspective (8th ed.) Jeffrey O. Bennett, Megan O. Donahue ASTR 114 $70 May 21 Completely brand new, never opened. This is the access card and the etext that you need for ASTR 114 and 115. Retails for $113 brand new but only asking $70.
Imaginez: le Francais Sans Frontieres Champeny FREN 221 $100 May 19 Slightly used, bound book
Imaginzez: Le Francais sans Frontieres 3rd edition Champeny FREN 211 $100 May 19 Looseleaf in sealed shrinkwrap
Organic Chemistry McGraw Hill CHEM 231 $100 May 19 Looseleaf
Lab Manual and Workbook for Physical Anthropology 8E Diane L France ANTH 168 $60 May 19
The Human Species: An Introduction to Biological Anthropology John H Relethford ANTH 168 $65 May 19 9th edition
Cultural Anthropology: A Reader for a Global Age Kenneth J. Guest ANTH 166 $30 May 19
Integrated Chinese Textbook CHENG TSUI CHIN 101 $30 May 18 ISBN: 9781622911356
Physics for Scientists and Engineers Fourth Custom Edition Randall D. Knight PHYS 131 $100 May 16
Calculus Single Variable 8th edition Stewart MATH 226 $100 May 16
General Chemistry 11th edition Ebbing CHEM 111 $100 May 16
NEW LAB APRON From Bookstore CHEM 107 $5 May 16
Material Science and Engineering 9edition William D Callister, David G. Rethwisch ME 362 $100 May 16 With wiley code
Ancient People of the Andes Michael A. Malpass ANTH 262 $15 May 15 Can negotiate on price
General Chemistry Eleventh Edition Ebbing CHEM 111 $50 May 14 In hard binder. Good condition
General Chemistry Eleventh Edition Ebbing CHEM 111 $60 May 14 In hard binder
The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Short Stories Tobias Wolff CW 350B $10 May 14
Basic Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Gary W. Heiman PSYC 243 $20 May 12
Biological Science Freeman, Quillin, Allison BIOL 113 $20 May 12 Can be used for bio 113
Interactive Physiology DVD N/A BIOL 251 $15 May 12 Helpful DVD for picturing parts of the anatomy that are difficult to visualize in just photographs
Principles of Microeconomics N. Gregory Mankiw ECON 160 $30 May 12
CS 105 Course Pack (includes Word, Excel, Access manuals and course text) Cengage CS 105 $100 May 11
Binghamton Writes 14th Ed., EasyWriter 6th Ed., Inquiry 3rd Ed. Bundle N/A WRIT 111 $35 May 10 Bundle for Writing 111.
Brevity and Echo Beckel And Roony CW 380Z $10 May 6 Like new. No writing inside.
Flash Fiction Forward Thomas And Shapard CW 380W $10 May 6 Very Good Condition.
The Artificial Silk Girl Irmgard Keun COLI 211B $10 May 6
Mrs. Dalloway Virginia Woolf COLI 211B $5 May 6
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight J.R.R. Tolkien MDVL 380Y $10 May 6 This class is also listed as an english course as well
Quicksand and Passing Nella Larsen COLI 211B $10 May 6
From Inquiry to 4th/EasyWriter 17th Bundle Stuart Greene, Andrea A. Lunsford WRIT 111 $40 May 2 Both in great condition.
Explorations 4th edition Susan Schunk, Janet Waisbrot FREN 243 $90 May 2 Used but in good condition, much better option than having to spend $150 in the bookstore for the same used book.
Le Lecon Ionesco FREN 243 $5 May 2 Great condition, originally bought as new
Imaginez 3rd Edition Champeny FREN 215 $80 May 2 Slightly used but in overall good condition- bookstore sells for $200
General Chemistry (11th edition) Ebbing - Gammon CHEM 111 $120 May 2 COMPLETELY NEW and UNUSED. With plastic cover and new cengage learning online access for 24 months included.
Introduction to Geography Arthur Getis/ Mark Bjelland/ Victoria Getis GEOG 101 $45 April 26 Geog 101 textbook in great condition. Much better price compared to the bookstore.
Biological Science 6th Edition PDF Freeman BIOL 114 $15 April 23
Biological Science 6th Edition PDF Freeman BIOL 113 $15 April 23
Behavioral Neuroscience 8th Edition PDF S. Marc Breedlove BIOL 362 $15 April 23
Stats: Data and Models, Books a la Carte Edition (4th Edition) Richard D. Veaux, Paul F. Velleman, David E. Bock MATH 148 $50 April 4 Looseleaf copy of stats textbook
Binghamton Writes 17th Edition Binghamton Student Authors WRIT 111 $35 March 10 Brand New with Receipt
Business Law : The Ethical, Global and E-Commerce Environment. 17th Edition Irwin Mcgraw Hill BLS 111 $45 March 10 Its in the E-book Format
Business Law : The Ethical, Global and E-Commerce Environment. 15TH edition Irwin Mcgraw Hill BLS 111 $15 March 10 This is in Ebook Format
Introduction to Business Statistics, Seventh Edition Ronald M. Weiers CQS 112 $40 March 10 It is in ebook format
From Inquiry to Academic Writing. 3rd ed Greene, Stuart And April Lidinsky. WRIT 111 $15 March 10 Its in ebook format
Psychology (2018), 12th Ed. Myers, D. G., Dewell, C. N PSYC 111 $25 March 10 It is an E-Book
Easy Writer 7th Edition Andrea Lunsford WRIT 111 $20 March 10 Totally new textbook
General Chemistry 11th Edition Ebbing CHEM 111 $90 March 5 This is the general chem book used for Chem 107-108 and Chem 111. Be aware that it is looseleaf and you need a binder.
Molecular Cell Biology 8th Edition Lodish BIOL 311 $60 February 26 Brand new
Molecular Cell Biology 8th Edition Lodish BIOL 311 $65 February 26 Brand New
Travesti: Sex, Gender and Culture among Brazilian Transgendered Prostitutes Don Kulick ANTH 221 $5 February 24
The History of Sexuality Volume 1 An Introduction Michel Foucault ANTH 221 $20 February 24
Debating Climate Ethics Stephen M. Gardiner And David A. Weisbach PHIL 149 $15 February 24
Environmental Ethics From Theory To Practice Marion Hourdequin PHIL 149 $25 February 24
Physics for Scientists and Engineers (3rd Custom Edition Binghamton) Randall D. Knight PHYS 131 $80 February 15 Also necessary for PHYS 132
The Making of Modern Science: Science, Technology, Medicine and Modernity David Knight HIST 231 $30 February 13 This book takes a look at the evolvement of certain research and inventions from 1789-1914.
Lab Manual and Workbook for Physical Anthropology 8th Edition Diane L. France ANTH 168 $100 February 12 Brand new spiral bound lab manual used for lab component of class