Houston, we have a problem

Your browser is not running Javascript. Use a different browser or enable JavaScript in your browser's settings. Doing that is acutally pretty easy, just click the link. Once you are done, reload this page by pressing Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) + R.

But why do I need JavaScript?

Javascript is the universal way websites modify their content. Without it, Bearcat Exchange can't do nessasary tasks like get the list of textbooks to display.

If I enable JavaScript aren't you going to steal my identity or takeover my computer?

No, even if we wanted to, Javascript is sandboxed. In English that means that it can only access elements of its own webpage, not your computer or other open tabs. The only way it can hurt you is if you give it sensitive information like your social security number. I mean, really, how stupid is that?

What about my email? Can't JavaScript steal that?

Same as your social security number websites cannot get your email unless you provide it. While Bearcat Exchange does offer you the option to provide your email, you do not have to provide it and JavaScript alone can not steal it. If you do choose to provide us with it, we will never send you spam, only updates about your listings or other things you opt-in to.

Common Questions

How much does it cost?

Bearcat Exchange is completely free. Seriously, it’s free.

I’m in a rush. How long will it take to get my textbook?

Sellers are independent so we can’t control how long they’ll take, but they want your money and you want their textbook.

Can I search for textbooks by course?

Yep, you can search by any part of listings via the search bar on the top of the screen.

How do I remove or edit my textbook?

Click the edit your listings tab. Once you're logged in you can click the "sold" checkbox to the left of the item you want to remove. The item will turn grey and will no longer be visible to anyone else. Alternatively, you could click on the item and edit any part of it. If you're on a shared computer make sure you logout once you finish.

How do I create an account?

You don't. Instead of storing a password we just send you an email with a confirmation link if you want to edit your items.

You asked for my name and email, but I don’t want them on the internet...

Your information is safe with us. When buyers contact you they can’t see your email address because their message is sent through our server. A buyer will only see your email if you reply to their message to arrange a time to meet. If something seems odd, don’t reply. Additionally, since the message goes through our server we filter spam before it’s ever even sent! Best of all, once you mark your textbook as sold, no one else will be able to contact you, unlike normal email which stays in the wild forever.

Will you send me unwanted messages?

Nope, we only use your email to send alerts, such as when someone contacts you. You can also optionally subscribe to our super cool newsletter, which is only sent a few times a year and always has an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

I found a glitch in the site. What should I do?

Oh no! Email us at support@bearcatexchange.com with a screenshot of the page. Thanks for helping us make Bearcat Exchange even better for everyone!

Do you take suggestions?

We love new ideas! Head over to our feedback form and let us know about them.

How did you make this?

Lots of passion and a few thousand lines of computer code. Check them out for yourself on Github.